hey youi know it hasnt been easy times, but I hope you know that were cheering you on.


from a graduate student to a peer

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it’s cool to be kind.

With illume, easily create a digital group card for any occasion or just because.

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Wherever and whatever you do, continue to emanate love. It’s precious. It’s rare.


You are a wonder, a brilliant, shining light. A dancer and a lover.


You have taught me that there is an immense amount of bravery in allowing yourself to be vulnerable and soft. I always used to think that vulnerability was a sign of weakness, but you showed me that it’s actually a sign of strength.


Thanks for being an awesome example of what it means to be unapologetically yourself. It’s an inspiration to those around you.


what is a group card?

you know that magical feeling when people
come together to share appreciation &
celebrate those they care about most?

that feeling.

that's why we created illume; to reclaim
that togetherness & build a more
emotionally-connected world.

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You are just a beautiful human being.

I appreciate how deeply you feel

and how empathetic you are towards

others. You embody that little

bright light :)



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“This is such a simple nice idea to help people feel seen and appreciated. Easy to use, simple but great impact!”

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“I truly appreciate all the beautiful and kind words...It touched my soul and heart!”

Christina H.

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“illume is friendly to navigate and easy to use. Would highly recommend it 🙌🙌.”