Gift cards can be a meaningful and personalized gift. Here are 6 ideas on how to do it.

Some gifters may say: “A gift card? Not from me! That’s too impersonal.”

But think again!

Whether it’s for a birthday or holiday, a Thank You or Get Well Soon card, or simply just because a gift card can make for a meaningful and personalized gift. If you put some thought behind it.

Why? Because a gift card still fulfills the core mission of gift-giving:

  1. To show you care
  2. To show how well you know the recipient

A gift card can be a win-win! You, the giver, can still show how much you care while the recipient is free to pick out whatever they want, whenever they want, thanks to your support.

It’s even more impactful (and can go further $$) when you make it a group gift.

In this post, we share some of the gift cards we’re loving right now on the illume marketplace.

1. For The Responsible Foodie…

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Why we love it: Flavors and values combine with Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and frozen desserts. Not only is the company deeply invested in sustainability, but the flavors are truly out of this world (and outrageously named!): We love “Netflix & Chill’d,” “Americone Dream,” and “New York Super Fudge Chunk” to name a few :)

2. For Those Going Through a Hard Time…


Why we love it: DoorDash is an online food ordering and delivery app that lets you order meals from a variety of local eateries. Do you know someone going through a difficult time? Sometimes when we’re struggling, it can be hard to eat – or even to make time to eat. Help this person get a comforting meal when they need it most with a DoorDash gift card.

3. For The Outdoor Adventurer…


Why we love it: Patagonia is passionate about the outdoors and it shows in their clothing and accessories. With this gift card, your practical adventurer can pick from a variety of responsibly-sourced materials and contemporary designs. This is consumption with a conscience!

4. For The Skin Care Enthusiast…


Why we love it: AESOP is an Australian luxury skincare brand with a wide range of hair care, skin, and soap products. Any skincare enthusiast will enjoy this gift card for the products' effective formulas and delightful fragrances. Plus, their well-designed bottles look fantastic on any dresser or bathroom cabinet.

5. For The Travel Bug…


Why we love it: Airbnb is the go-to online marketplace for alternative vacation rentals, homestays, and other tourism activities. Know someone with the travel bug? Send a gift card to Airbnb to help make it the trip of their dreams!

6. For The Humanitarian In Your Office…

Make-A-Wish Foundation

Why we love it: Sometimes the best gift is to give back! Consider the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a nonprofit that helps fulfill the wishes of critically ill children in the US. Donate in your recipient’s name to spread some hope and goodness. We think this is the perfect option ​​for various gifting scenarios, including group gifts for coworkers.

Thoughtful Gift Giving

Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or other inspired occasion, a gift card makes for an uncomplicated and thoughtful gift.

But you can take it one step further! When you send a gift card with illume, you can send it with one of our customizable free ecards. Add notes, pictures, videos, memes, and more to one of our virtual card templates and invite others to contribute as a group gift. When you’re all done, just hit send :)

Get started on your ecard today! illume makes it easy for individuals to split the cost of a gift and pool notes, photos, and videos together to make someone’s day brighter. Next time you want to celebrate, let illume help you express it straight from the heart, which is shown here: https://tryillume.com/blog/power-of-compliments/